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When it comes to your vision and the role that it serves in your safety, productivity, and overall quality of life, be sure to trust only highly trained eye care professionals with your eye care and eyewear needs. Visit the optometrists and licensed opticians at our Edmonton clinic today and you will see how personalized eye care and prescription eyewear enables you to be your very best.

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Children's Glasses At Our Edmonton Optical

Find eyeglasses made specifically for the unique needs and active lifestyles of kids at our Edmonton optical.

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Women's Glasses At Our Edmonton Optical

Looking for the latest bold and beautiful styles of eyeglasses? Our Edmonton opticians can help you select and customize the perfect eyewear.

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Men's Glasses At Our Edmonton Optical

We have men's eyeglasses that will help you standout at the office, survive the jobsite, and that will complement an active lifestyle.

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Anti-Fatigue Glasses At Our Edmonton Optical

Anti-fatigue glasses can reduce eye strain and the tired eyes feeling resulting from multitasking and frequently switching between devices and media.

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Progressive Glasses At Our Edmonton Optical

As individuals approach age 40, presbyopia becomes pronounced, challenging reading vision. Progressive eyegglasses provide clear vision at distance, intermediate and near distances.

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Prescription Sunglasses At Our Edmonton Optical

Prescription sunglasses can offer clear vision, UV protection, and glare reduction while you are enjoying your favourite outdoor activities.

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What Is Astigmatism?

Learn how astigmatism affects your vision and how it is corrected.

Astigmatism Defined »

What Are Polarized Sunglasses?

Learn how polarized sunglasses reduce glare and improve comfort.

Polarized Sunglasses »

Polycarbonate Eyeglass Lenses

Learn if polycarbonate lenses are the best choice for your glasses.

Polycarbonate Lenses »

Eyeglass frames constructed of titanium and celluose-based (i.e., plant-based) acetate are the best choice for individuals with allergies. Both titanium and acetate have hypoallergic properties, meaning that they are unlikely to trigger allergic reactions.

Many vendors primarily manufacture eye glasses using polycarbonate lenses. However, polycarbonate lenses offer the poorest optics and have the poorest abrasion resistance amongt eyeglass lenses options. Because of these shortcomings, polycarbonate lenses should only be used for safety glasses. TRIVEX lenses are lightweight, offer similar impact resistance to polycarbonate lenses, but provide superior optical performance to that of polycarbonate.

Searching for an optometrist in Edmonton? Our experienced Edmonton eye doctors use advanced modern technologies and devote upwards of 500% more time towards providing personalized patient care than elsewhere so that they can see more and ensure that you may never see less. Position yourself to see the future with a visit to our eye clinic and Edmonton's best eye care!

Doctor Jennifer Ash, Eye Doctor (Edmonton)

Dr. Jennifer Ash is the Resident Optometrist at Eye-deology Vision Care. Dr. Ash provides patient care 5 days a week. Read more about Dr. Ash.

Doctor Ruhee Kurji, Eye Doctor (Edmonton)

Dr. Ruhee Kurji is an Associate Optometrist at Eye-deology Vision Care. Dr. Kurji provides patient care Tuesdays & Fridays. Read more about Dr. Kurji.

Doctor Jade McLachlin, Eye Doctor (Edmonton)

Dr. Jade McLachlin is an Associate Optometrist at Eye-deology Vision Care. Dr. McLachlin provides patient care 5 days a week. Read more about Dr. McLachlin.

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