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Pediatric Contact Lenses Promote Healthy Childhood Development

Infants are sometimes born with cataracts or a congenital anomaly called Persistent Hyperplastic Primary Vitreous (PHPV) or Persistent Fetal Vasculature (PFV) that affect vision and early development. It is estimate that 20,000–40,000 children are born each year with congenital cataracts. Moreover, it is estimated that 5 percent of child blindness is due to PHPV/PFV. Following surgicaly lens replacement by an ophthalmologist, the optometrists at eye-deology Vision Care can can custom-fit pediatric contact lenses to your child that will promote health early childhood development.

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Eyes have a degree of focusing power that enables an individual to see clearly. This power comes from a combination of the optical power of the cornea (i.e., the curved front surface of the eye) and the optical power of the natural lens inside the eye. When a child’s eyes have the correct amount of power in them, they can see clearly and the connection between their eyes and the brain develops properly. This is essential for proper visual development, which occurs within the first few years of life. When the natural lens is removed from the eye due to a cataract/PHPV, the eye then requires assistance to compensate for the lost optical power and to enable the eye to focus again. Without assistance the vision in the child’s affected eye would be extremely blurry and the pathway between the eye and the brain would be unable to develop properly.

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A prescription contact lens provides the assistance the eye requires to regain focus and promote proper visual development. A contact lens is the preferred corrective mechanism (i.e., compared to eyeglasses) because it provides vision that is most similar to the other eye. This is critically important because when both eyes work together similarly, visual development is enhanced. In terms of child development, this corresponds to improved learning, depth perception, coordination, balance, and overall quality of life.

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Eyeglasses may be prescribed instead of contact lenses in situations where the natural lens is removed from both eyes and there is no resulting vision imbalance between them. Spectacles work well optically in these cases and help parents avoid the challenges of managing contact lenses in both eyes.

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There are two types of contact lenses prescribed for pediatric wear. An extended wear contact lens can be worn every day and night for up to 30 days without removal. This is the most common lens prescribed for pediatric wear. Although it is approved for 30 days of continuous wear, we do recommend removing the lens one night per week for cleaning and disinfection, and then re-inserting it the next morning. This regular cleaning and disinfection has shown to decrease the risk of infection and to prolong the life of the contact lens. The other type of contact lens is a daily wear lens. It is made of a different material, which is not as breathable as the extended wear lens. Accordingly, this lens can only be worn during waking hours - no overnight wear is permitted. However, napping in the lens is acceptable. Because overnight wear of daily wear contact lenses increases the risk of infection and related complications, this type of contact lens needs to be removed every night for cleaning and disinfection, and then re-inserted the following morning.

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If you require financial assistance and your household income level falls into one of the categories outlined by the Alberta Child Health Benefit, you may be eligible for programs that can assist with the cost of the pediatric contact lenses.

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