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Accidents happen, and the first urge most of us have is to repair what was broken. Resist the urge to grab the tape and the glue and have your prescription eyewear repaired by the qualified licensed opticians at eye-deology Vision Care that have the specialized tools and experience to properly adjust, repair, and/or replace broken parts.

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Dropping, bumping, or knocking your prescription eyewear can move nose pads, temples, or lenses out of alignment and cause less than optimal vision. Proper optical alignment is essential for all prescription eyewear. It is critical for multifocal (e.g., bifocal, trifocal, and progressive) lenses. Your purchase of prescription glasses eye-deology Vision Care includes free professional adjustments for the lifetime of the eyewear!

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If you ever break your glasses, the good news is that in many cases, they can be repaired by replacing only the damaged parts (e.g., nose pads, temples, etc.). In circumstances where the frame is beyond repair or replacement parts cannot be pursued or sourced, sometimes the entire eyeglass frame can still be repurchased. While repurchasing a complete frame may not be the most hoped-for solution, it is a considerably more economical solution than having to repurchase both frame and lenses.

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Prescription eyewear is a custom product that is tailored uniquely to patient specifications. Accordingly, lenses are cut, mounted, and positioned within a frame relative to the eyes. That means remounting prescription lenses in a different frame model/size is not possible. So, if one breaks their eyeglass frame and a replacement is not available, new prescription lenses will be necessary. In contrast, eyeglass frames can have new lenses mounted in them. However, this is advisable only if the eyeglass frame is relatively new and in good shape. That is because the integrity of eyewear frames can become compromised with time and can be prone to breaking during lens mounting. Moreover, because frame collections typically turnover every 2-4 years, patients must be mindful of the risks to their investment (lenses) if the frame were ever to break and was not replaceable.

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Technically, it is plausible to re-cut lenses orginally cut for one frame to fit into another of a different make, model, size, etc. However, it is extremely difficult to do so without compromising the vision of the wearer because the geometry of the optics is likely to change and/or be compromised. Accordingly, the repurposing of lenses into a second frame (of a different make/model/size) is not an option to be considered, or pursued.

Nose pad and temple adjustments are the most common type of eyeglass adjustments.

Silcone nose pads are a great option for those seeking greater comfort and reduced slipping on the bridge of the nose.

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