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Professional staff, both in terms of credentials and behaviour, are essential to providing exceptional eye care. Optometrists are all highly educated, but the criteria for being professional goes beyond the acquisition of academic degrees - behaviour, knowledge and performance matter. A knowledgeable, proficient optometrist with a friendly, caring demeanour is always desirable. Likewise, an experienced, friendly and knowledgeable licensed optician is always preferred when it comes to selecting, measuring, and crafting your prescription eyewear. Optometrists and opticians who ask lots of questions, want to learn more about you, and listen to your unique needs, often provide the best care.

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Prescription eyeglass lenses do not cure eye diseases, but they are critically important to correct refractive errors and for patients to see clearly. If you have a moderate-to-high prescription, require multifocal lenses, have considerably different prescriptive needs for each eye, or suffer from disorders such as keratoconus, you need an eye care professional that can personalize your eyewear. That corresponds to the ability to diagnose your prescriptive needs, assess your lifestyle needs (i.e., how you use your eyes), present lens type/design options, accurately measure lenses, and professionally craft them. New prescription eyeglass and contact lens designs are in continuous development and refined to address unique patient vision needs. That is especially the case with multifocal lenses and lens coatings. It is critically important that you seek an eye care and eyewear provider with access to and offers prescription eyeglass lenses from innovative, world-class manufacturers, such as Hoya, Zeiss, and Essilor, etc. It is equally important to seek an eye care and eyewear provider that can custom-fit eyeglasses and contact lenses using the latest digital measurement tools and advanced diagnostic technologies.

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When looking for the best eye care, it is essential to seek out a provider that makes eye exams and eye health their number one priority. What are indicators of a provider that does that? First, their primary focus is eye care (See #2). Second, they invest in the technologies and devote the time and human resources to providing modern comprehensive eye care (See #3, #4, and #5). Third, they include advanced scans (e.g., digital retinal photography, OCT imaging, visual field screening, etc.) in their standard eye exams and do not withhold them as a means to advertise low (initial) exam fees. That is important both in terms of standard care quality and transparency. Lastly, they do not discount or waive exam fees as part of any retail promotion. In fact, in many Canadian jurisdictions, this practice is illegal as it could jeopardize the standard of care offered to patients.

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Searching for an optometrist in Edmonton? Our experienced Edmonton eye doctors use advanced modern technologies and devote upwards of 500% more time towards providing personalized patient care than elsewhere so that they can see more and ensure that you may never see less. Position yourself to see the future with a visit to our eye clinic and Edmonton's best eye care!

Doctor Jennifer Ash, Eye Doctor (Edmonton)

Dr. Jennifer Ash is the Resident Optometrist at Eye-deology Vision Care. Dr. Ash provides patient care 5 days a week. Read more about Dr. Ash.

Doctor Ruhee Kurji, Eye Doctor (Edmonton)

Dr. Ruhee Kurji is an Associate Optometrist at Eye-deology Vision Care. Dr. Kurji provides patient care Tuesdays & Fridays. Read more about Dr. Kurji.

Doctor Jade McLachlin, Eye Doctor (Edmonton)

Dr. Jade McLachlin is an Associate Optometrist at Eye-deology Vision Care. Dr. McLachlin provides patient care 5 days a week. Read more about Dr. McLachlin.

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