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We Are Happy To Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions

Below, please find a list of questions that we frequently address at our eye care clinic. Topics include, eye exam frequency, direct billing, our cancellation policy, and more.

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If you are experiencing an eye or vision emergency requiring immediate attention, please call (780) 473-6123 during regular clinic hours or submit a message through our online contact form. Our staff will provide you with instructions and directions to get to our clinic and one of our doctors will promptly see you. If you know the our address, please come as quick as possible.

New patients should be able to supply the following information at the time of their first comprehensive eye exam.
  • Contact Information (name, address, phone number, email, etc.);
  • Date of birth;
  • Gender;
  • Alberta Health Card;
  • List of current prescription medicine(s);
  • Medical history;
  • Family Physician;
  • Date of laser corrective eye surgery (if applicable);
  • Ophthalmologist (if applicable);
  • Health benefits/Health Insurance policy and group information;
  • If applicable, your current prescription eyeglasses;
  • If applicable, your current contact lens brand/type (i.e., packaging);
  • The location of your most recent eye exam.

Yes, we have the ability to direct-bill most major health benefits plans.

Please be mindful that every health benefits plan is unique and that some may not permit eye care providers, like us, to bill directly on behalf of the plan holder (i.e., the patient). Due to privacy laws, eye care providers do not have access to plan details prior to the act of requesting payment. Accordingly, it is the responsibility of the patient to be aware of any billing limitations associated with their benefits plan(s). It is also the responsibility of the patient to be aware of the amount of coverage they have and the date on which their benefits are renewed or replenished (i.e., annually).

Health benefits plan providers can sometimes limit the ability to direct bill plans based on the following:

  • Benefit Plan. For example, the benefits plans held by many federal public servants do not permit eye care providers to direct-bill. Therefore, patients must provide payment and then personally submit their claim to their benefits plan provider for reimbursement.
  • Day of Service. For example, some benefits plan providers manually review, adjudicate and/or audit claims for direct-billing. Their capacity to review, adjudicate, and/or audit claims can sometimes fluctuate throughout the week, especially on weekends. Therefore, patients must provide payment and be reimbursed by their benefits provider
  • Balance Billing. For example, in cases where the patient would like to direct-bill two or more benefit plans, the secondary plan provider may require documentation of the amount covered by the primary plan. Therefore, patients must provide (partial) payment and then personally submit their claim to their secondary benefit plan provider for reimbursement.

We require a minimum 24 hours notice of cancellation. Failure to provide adequate notice of cancellation will result in a $75 fee applied to your account.

Given that individuals only have two eyes, the importance vision is to quality life, livelihood, and lifestyle, and that once vision is lost it cannot be returned, we recommend that individuals get an eye exam annually.

Annual eye exams are especially important for children and seniors, and for those individuals with systemic conditions, such as diabetes.

Yes, we are a family eye care clinic, so we proudly provide eye care and eyewear to individuals of all ages - from those who are young in age to those who are young at heart. In the case of children, we have special technologies that enable us to examine the smallest and most active of children.

80% of learning and development depends on vision. We recommend that children receive their first eye exam at 6 months of age to evaluate ocular health and development.

Please note that eye exams are covered by the Province of Alberta for residents under the age of 19 that have a valid Alberta Health Card.

Yes, our clinic is equipped with the latest advanced diagnostic eye care technologies. These include:

  • A wide-angle, high resolution, true colour digital retinal camera used to captures images of the retina surface;
  • An OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) used to capture images of the retinal layers;
  • A Keratograph/Corneal Topographer used to evaluate the shape and irregularities of the cornea, fit contact lenses, as well as to evaluate dry eye disorder;
  • A Humphrey Visual Field for comprehensively evaluating peripheral vision and detecting blind spots;
  • Plus several technologies to screen and evaluate pressures, cornea thickness, and corrective errors.

Our optometrists can prescribe medications to address ocular conditions. They will print and provide you with a signed copy of your prescription to fill at the pharmacy of your choice.

At the time of your eye exam, please let us know if you have any allergies or other medical conditions. If you are currently taking drugs prescribed by your family physician, please bring them (or a list of them) with you and provide them to the optometrist to help identify possible drug interactions and/or correlations with a developing condition.

Our clinic requires payment in-full prior to providing all products and services.

We can direct-bill most major health benefits plans (please see separate FAQ) for exam services and eyewear products, and can direct-bill Alberta Health for medically necessary listed tests and exams.

Patients can make payment by most major credit cards, debit, or cash.

Yes, our clinic is wheelchair accessible. This includes designated parking, sidewalk ramps, a wheelchair accessible washroom, and the ability to perform all testing while a patient is seated in their wheelchair.

Yes. Free Parking is available in front and around the clinic. We have two dedicated parking spaces immediately in front of the clinic reserved for our patients. The remaining parking spaces around the clinic are also free to use, but are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Upon request, we can provide you with a copy of your eyeglass prescription the following ways:

  • A physical copy available for pickup;
  • Fax a copy to the optical centre of your choice (following you signing a release form).
Following the guidance of the Alberta College of Optometrists, and due to privacy standards, we do not email eyeglass prescriptions.

We can help. However we will not be held to account for the craftsmanship, or lack thereof, and/or the products of others. Addtional fees will apply to:

  • Assess and measure the eyewear purchased elsehwere;
  • Confirm your prescription and eye health; and/or
  • Adjust your eyewear to ensure proper fit and alignment.
Please note, these services are complementary for eyewear purchased at our Edmonton optical.

Prescription eyeglasses are a custom product that are crafted specifically to the unique needs and measurements of an individual. More specifically, prescription lenses are measured, crafted, and edged for a particular frame that is fitted to, and worn by a specific individual. Therefore, they cannot be exchanged or returned for use by another individual in the same way that a shirt may.

Eye-deology Vision Care and its suppliers stand by our products, craftsmanship, and service and are committed to providing patients with the best vision and best prescription eyewear products. In situations where a crafting error occurred, a prescription changes due to a medical condition immediately following the purchase of eyewear, or where individuals experience difficulty adapting to new multifocal lenses, we can certainly help.

We can also assist with contact lenses. In most situations, unopened (and not expired) boxes of contact lenses can be returned for clinic credit, minus a small restocking fee.

Most of our prescription eyeglass and sunglass frames include a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defects. Likewise, most of our premiere prescription lenses with state-of-the-art lens coatings also come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Please note that all products submitted for warranty repair or replacement are reviewed and adjudicated by the respective product supplier. Conditions and fees (e.g., shipping and handling) may apply.

Please be mindful that the manufacturer’s warranty is not an insurance policy on your eyewear purchase. It does not cover replacement in the event of loss, or replacement/repair due to damage caused by unintended wear.

In the event that something unexpected happens to your eyewear we are always here to help – we can administrate and execute warranty submissions, order replacement parts, and/or repair your eyewear with our in-clinic tools and know-how. We are committed to making accidents less 'painful' for our patients.