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How Long Does An Eye Exam Take?


The average eye exam takes about 30 minutes

The average eye exam, including check-in, pre-testing, and optometrist examination is approximately 30 minutes in duration. However, in many cases, the duration can be considerably shorter or considerably longer than the 30 minute benchmark. In fact, at some competitor locations patients have reported eye exams only 5-10 minutes in duration.

Why Eye Exam Duration Should Matter To You

Time is a vital ingredient in the pursuit of exceptional eye care, as it directly correlates with the quality of service provided. The intricate nature of eye health necessitates thorough examinations and meaningful discussions, both of which require ample time. When eye care professionals are given the opportunity to spend more time with patients, they can delve into their medical history, understand their concerns, and conduct comprehensive evaluations. This extra time allows for meticulous assessments of visual acuity, meticulous examination of the ocular structures, and precise measurements for prescription eyewear or contact lenses. Moreover, extended appointments enable eye care providers to educate patients about their eye health, discuss preventive measures, and address any questions or uncertainties that may arise. By dedicating more time to each patient, eye care professionals can offer personalized treatment plans, better monitor chronic conditions, and establish a strong rapport with those in their care. This patient-centric approach not only enhances the accuracy and effectiveness of eye care but also instills confidence and trust, leading to improved overall outcomes. When it comes to exceptional eye care, time is the invaluable ingredient that enables professionals to go above and beyond, ensuring that each patient receives the utmost attention and the best possible vision care.

Elements Factoring Into Eye Duration

  • Thoroughness. Thoroughness is unachievable without time. The human eye is comprised of 2 million parts and it takes time to provide a thorough comprehensive eye exam. Longer exams typically correspond to more time to provide care, more time to evaluate patients, and more time to listening to and speaking with patients about their personal needs.
  • Number of Tests Performed. The more diagnostic tests and scans included in an eye exam, the more time is required to perform them and to evaluate and discuss the results.
  • Technologies Used. While modern diagnostic technologies can help expedite an eye examination, it can require a considerable amount of time to perform them, analyze their results, and share outcomes with patients.
  • Type of Eye Exam. Contact lens wearers have unique needs that require additional tests, scans, and assessments. Read more about contact lens eye exams.
  • Communication. A primary component of exceptional eye care is communicating with patients. Eye care and treatment is considerably more exhaustive and effective when time is devoted to communicating with patients. Personalized care requires personal communications.
  • Treatment. Treatment, the design of a treatment regime, and the communication of treatment patient requirements can extend the duration of an eye exam.
  • Age. Patients in their early and latter stages of life statistically encounter more changes to their visual acuity and ocular health. They also typically require additional time to communicate with and test.

The Duration Of Our Eye Exams Is 45-60 Minutes

Our Edmonton optometrists and eye care professionals perform 25+ advanced tests and digital scans to assess patient eye and overall health, ocular coordination, and visual acuity. The core suite of tests included in our eye exams is the same for all of our patients, regardless if you are child, adult, or senior. See what advanced eye care looks like by scheduling an eye exam at our Edmonton eye care clinic and optical today!

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Adult Eye Exams At Our Edmonton Eye Clinic

Our advanced eye exams consist of 25+ modern tests and digital scans to assess eye health, function, and visual acuity.

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Child Eye Exams At Our Edmonton Eye Clinic

Give your child a clear future with an annual eye exam from our experienced Edmonton optometrists.

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Senior Eye Exams At Our Edmonton Eye Clinic

Maintain your vision through your golden years with gold standard eye care from the optometrists at our Edmonton eye clinic.

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Contact Lens Eye Exams At Our Edmonton Eye Clinic

Our eye exams for contact lens wearers include test and digital scans to assess eye health, function, visual acuity, and lens fit.

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Diabetic Eye Exams At Our Edmonton Eye Clinic

Managing diabetes requires regular eye exams to ensure that diabetes is not causing irreversible vision loss.

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Dilated Eye Exams At Our Edmonton Eye Clinic

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Exam Pre-Testing: Tonometer

Corneal Thickness | Intraocular Pressures | Visual Field

Pre-testing is a detailed process that gathers all necessary information for the optometrist in advance of the optometrist-administered eye examination. This process involves completing a detailed patient history, as well as a series of standard tests. Pre-testing is an essential part of the comprehensive eye exam process, providing valuable information and visuals for both the optometrist and the patient.

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Exam Advanced Eye Testing: Optical Coherence Tomography

Retinal Photography, OCT, Topography

eye-deology Vision Care differentiates itself from other clinics by having the most advanced modern diagnostic specialty testing equipment. Specialty equipment, such as a wide-angle high-resolution retinal imager, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer and corneal topographer, ensures that patients receive the best comprehensive eye care.

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Optometrist-Performed Examination: Refraction

Health Assessment & Disease Diagnosis

eye-deology Vision Care Edmonton optometrists perform a multitude of tests and assessments to evaluate ocular health, eye coordination, and visual acuity. In addition, they also evaluate the results of the tests and scans performed during pre-testing. As part of patient education, our optometrists also take the time to show and explain results to patients.

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Prescription Eye Glass Consultation and Measurements

Prescription | Lens Selection | Digital Fitting

If you require corrective lenses to improve your vision, our licensed opticians will customize their fit to your unique attributes, needs, lifestyle, and budget. Our opticians are happy to provide you with information about the latest eyeglass frame and lens technologies available so you can make informed decisions and begin seeing and looking your best.

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No. The eye exams at some clinics involve only a minimum number of tests - tests that largely performed manually. By comparison, other clinics perform more tests and include more modern technologies and scans in their comprehensive eye exams.

Unfortunately, this is the standard at some clinics. On average, a modern eye comprehensive eye exam, performed by a licensed optometrist, that includes retinal photography and Optical Coherence Tomography scans, should be approximately 30 minutes in duration.