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What Is The Average Cost Of Prescription Safety Glasses (2024)?


The Average Cost of Prescription Safety Glasses in Alberta is Approximately $200-300 (circa, 2024)

The average price of prescription safety glasses is approximately $200-300 CAD (circa 2024 in Alberta). As the average, prescription safety eyewear can be found at price points above and below this figure.

Can I Customize Prescription Safety Glasses?

Technically, yes. However, most employers, job sites, and domains of work (i.e., construction, healthcare, automotive, etc.) have specified requirements that must be adhered to by individuals. Accordingly, features like lens tints, may not be permitted in some situations. Likewise, some workplaces require individuals to wear safety glasses with particular features, like foam dust dams. Your workplace will be able to provide you with the requirements for your safety glasses.

What Factors Into The Price of Prescription Safety Glasses?

The following elements factor into the overall price of prescription safety glasses:

  • Your Prescription
  • Lens Desing (Single Vision vs. Multifocal)
  • Safety Standard Required
  • Lens Index (i.e., Polycarbonate vs. Trivex
  • Lens Coatings (Anti-Reflection, Anti-Scratch, etc.)
  • Lens Tint
  • Frame Style (Standard vs. Wrap-Around
  • Inclusion of Dust Dams
  • Warranty

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Polycarbonate lenses are used in most safety glasses. However, in some cases TRIVEX can be used. TRIVEX has similar durability and weight as polycarbonate, but offers superior optical performance.

Yes, prescription safety glasses can have tinting. However, some places of work, employers, and trades do not permit tinted lenses. Accordingly, please consult your workplace requirements before purchasing prescription safety eyewear.