Progressive Lenses

How much do progressive lenses cost in Alberta (2022)?


Progressive Eyeglass Packages (Frame + Lenses) Typically Begin at ~$300-350 in Alberta (circa, 2022)

Progressive eyeglass lenses have a higher price point than single vision prescription lenses and traditional lined bifocal/trifocal lenses because of their no line multifocal design. Unlike single vision glasses that offer clear vision at a single focal length, and bifocal/trifocal lenses that offer clear vision at 2 and 3 distinct focal lengths, respectively, progressive lenses have the ability to provide clear vision at almost every focal length.

Further factoring into their price is the need for progressive lenses to be surfaced and customized specifically to the individual to provide clear, crisp vision at all focal distances. Like all custom tailored products (i.e., suits, wedding dresses, etc.), this requires numerous precision measurements. These include near and distance pupillary distances, optical centres, heights, vertex, pantoscopic tilt, frame wrap angle, and more. Prescription eyeglass packages (frame + lenses) with progressive lenses typically begin at $300-350 in Alberta (circa 2022).

Numerous additional elements factor into the price of progressive lenses - brand, design, traditional vs. digit freeform technology, lens index, lifestyle customizations, included lens coatings, and the inclusion of advanced features like binocular harmonization, etc. Prescription and lifestyle demands permitting, cost conscious individuals can often keep the price point of progressive lenses low by electing to pursue entry-level options. However, the one element that individuals should not opt-out of to save is on the professional precision measurements needed for progressive lenses to properly perform. Many online vendors offer progressive lenses at incrementally lower price points. However, these savings are in exchange for not taking the necessary measurements and accounting for the lifestyle considerations needed for progressive lenses to perform their best.

You wouldn't expect a pair of pants pulled from a lost & found box to fit like glove. Therefore, you shouldn't expect the clearest vision from eyeglasses that are not fully fit and measured to you.

What Is The Average Cost of Progressive Glasses in Alberta (2022)?

First, it's important to note that, in general, eyeglasses are comprised of two main components: 1. Lenses; and 2. Frame - each can factor significantly into the overall price of eyeglasses. Second, average is just a number and it would extremely rare to be an individual that aligns to the statistical average in terms of prescription and lifestyle needs and all of the lens features (lens design, lens index, lens coatings, etc.) that need to be adjusted to serve them. Accordingly, it is extremely difficult to establish an average when a multitude of variables must be considered. With that being said, in an attempt to establish a benchmark, for mid-tier modern digital freeform progressive lenses (as opposed to less costly traditional progressive lenses) with mid-performance lens coatings, manufacturer's warranty, etc. the average cost would be approximately $550-650 per pair plus the cost of a frame. Please that being the average cost, numerous progressive lens options are available at price points both below and above that figure.

The best investment that you can make is an investment in yourself. An investment in your vision is an investment in your health, well-being, safety, and overall quality of life. It's arguably one of the few guaranteed investments available. Invest in yourself today!

Exam Pre-Testing: Tonometer

Corneal Thickness | Intraocular Pressures | Visual Field

Pre-testing is a detailed process that gathers all necessary information for the optometrist in advance of the optometrist-administered eye examination. This process involves completing a detailed patient history, as well as a series of standard tests. Pre-testing is an essential part of the comprehensive eye exam process, providing valuable information and visuals for both the optometrist and the patient.

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Exam Advanced Eye Testing: Optical Coherence Tomography

Retinal Photography, OCT, Topography

eye-deology Vision Care differentiates itself from other clinics by having the most advanced modern diagnostic specialty testing equipment. Specialty equipment, such as a wide-angle high-resolution retinal imager, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer and corneal topographer, ensures that patients receive the best comprehensive eye care.

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Optometrist-Performed Examination: Refraction

Health Assessment & Disease Diagnosis

eye-deology Vision Care Edmonton optometrists perform a multitude of tests and assessments to evaluate ocular health, eye coordination, and visual acuity. In addition, they also evaluate the results of the tests and scans performed during pre-testing. As part of patient education, our optometrists also take the time to show and explain results to patients.

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Prescription Eye Glass Consultation and Measurements

Prescription | Lens Selection | Digital Fitting

If you require corrective lenses to improve your vision, our licensed opticians will customize their fit to your unique attributes, needs, lifestyle, and budget. Our opticians are happy to provide you with information about the latest eyeglass frame and lens technologies available so you can make informed decisions and begin seeing and looking your best.

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