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How much do eye glasses cost in Alberta (2023)?


The cost of eye glasses depends on numerous factors. These include:

  • Your Prescription
  • Lens Type (Single Vision vs. Multifocal)
  • Lens Design (e.g., Stock vs. Surfaced vs. Digital Free-form)
  • Lens Brand
  • Personalized Measurements/Attributes
  • Refractive Lens Index / Lens Thickness
  • Protective/Performance Lens Coatings (e.g., Scratch Resistance, Anti-Reflection
  • Frame Type (Full vs. Semi) and lens edging/finishing needed
  • Frame Brand Name (i.e., Designer Name)
  • Frame Materials (e.g., place, stainless steel, acetate, titanium)
  • Manufacturer's Warranty

Entry Level Eye Glasses

Entry level single vision eye glasses (lenses plus frame) typically start at approximately ~$150 in Alberta. Entry level traditional multifocal eyeglasses (i.e. progressive lenses) typically begin between ~300-350. Multifocal eye glasses with modern digital free-form progressive lenses, that offer a wider field of view and enhanced customization, typically begin at approximately ~$550. Additional fees would apply for anti-reflection, oleophobic, and blue light filtering lens coatings.

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