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A large number eye care providers and optical centres provide services and products that make many believe that eye care and eyeglass crafting is a drive-thru service - eye exams should only a few minutes in length and frames and lenses should be combined following a one-size-fits-all strategy. This type of minimum service, that is advertised as convenient care, offers convenience at the expense of quality care, precision craftsmanship of prescription eyeglasses, and clear vision, and it is a huge disservice to patients because it potentially jeopardizes their long-term ocular health, threatens their vision, and undermines their investment in eyewear and overall welfare. Enhance your Eye-Q today with personalized eye care and V.eye.P. eyeglass fitting, measuring, and crafting from our Edmonton eye doctors and opticians.

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  • Persistent Vision Troubles: Experienced persistent vision troubles and additional diagnosis nor referral were ever provided.
  • Felt Ignored By Staff: Questions and concerns were never addressed by the doctor or other qualified staff.
  • Prescription Troubles: New prescription is not providing the clarity expected, even following an adaptation period.
  • Eye Exams: Medical History
  • Minimal Face Time With Eye Doctor: Time in the exam lane with the optometrist was only a matter of minutes and inadquate to address questions and concerns.
  • Undiagnosed Disease: Eye disease went undiagnosed by previous doctor.
  • Have Never Had Clear Vision: Could never achieve clear vision with prescription eyeglasses from prevous provider.
  • Easily Scratched Lenses: Lenses become easily scratched, even with intermittent and careful wear. Eye Exams: Medical History
  • Vision Loss: Experienced vision loss under the care of another eye doctor.
  • Lack of Transparency: Eyeglass (i.e., lens manufacturer) product information would not be shared.
  • Treated Like A Number, Not A Person: A very impersonal experience with staff expressing little interest in the needs and lifestyle of the patient.

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Custom Prescription sunglasses in North Edmonton
Custom Sunglasses in Edmonton

When it comes to your health and your vision, comprehensive care, accurate diagnonses, and precision prescription eyewear should be the highest priorities. Thoroughness, accuracy, and preciseness require a unique blend of expertise, technology, communication, care, and time. Question: So, how can you expect to receive the eye care and prescription eyewear you need and you deserve when:

Answer: You Can't.

Make the intelligent choice, choose the optometrists and opticians at Eye-deology Vision Care in Edmonton and see your Eye-Q increase!

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Poor Care and Inaccurate Eyewear

Our eye care and eyewear professionals provide their experience, technology, and time to comprehensively ensure your ocular health, clear vision, and overall well-being.

  • Experience enables our optometrists to properly and accurately diagnose eye diseases and disorders and being treatment immediately.
  • Advanced Diagnostic Technologies promote the early detection of eye disease. They enable our eye doctors to see more so that you may never see less.
  • Modern Lens Design Technologies are continuously being released with new features and capabilities. We have Obtain the best vision with the newest lens designs.
  • Digital Measurement Technologies enable our opticians to take the precision measurements required for patients to achieve the most clear, crip vision.
  • Extended Exam Duration allows our optometrists to thoroughly examine your eyes, address any questions or concerns, and discuss treatment/eyewear options.
  • Dedicated Fitting Appointments allow our licensed opticians to provide you with V.eye.P. treatment and customize your eyewear to your unique needs.

Showcase your Eye-Q by choosing an eye care clinic that invests in you. Choose Eye-deology Vision Care in North Edmonton.

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Corneal Topography Digital Scan

World Class Eye Care in Edmonton
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Consisting of 25+ individual tests and scans and devoting up to 500% more time to patients than elsewhere, Eye-deology Vision Care eye exams are the best in Edmonton. Schedule an appointment with us today, and you will see how and why our eye exams are considered one of the most thorough, comprehensive, advanced and personalized available. This is how we make our professional patient-first personalized eye exams the best:

  • Experienced Optometrists: When it comes to providing healthcare, there is no substitute for experience and know-how.
  • Personalized Care: Every person and every eye is unique. We customize eye care based on the needs of our patients.
  • A Professional Team That Cares: Eye care requires a team effort. Every one of our professionals contributes to patient care and service.
  • State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Technology: Technologies promote the early detection of diseases causing irreversible vision loss.
  • Thoroughness: Patient-first service that dedicates the time, resources, and know-how to provide world-class eye care.
  • Patient Education: Our eye care professionals make every visit a friendly, informative, learning experience.

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Best Comprehensive Eye Exams in Edmonton

The optical at Eye-deology Vision Care offers one of the largest selections of eyeglass frames and sunglasses in Edmonton. With more than 1,000 frames and sunglasses to choose from, you're sure to find a pair that is perfect for your personal style, lifestyle, and budget.

Our in-clinic lens edging and mounting services are performed by experienced licensed opticians to ensure your lenses are precision-measured, precisely cut, perfectly polished, and expertly mounted.

Our lens manufacturers provide world-class state-of-the-art lens single vision and progressive lenses and lens coatings designed to provide the best vision for every lifestyle. So, whether you're looking for men's, women's, or children's eyeglasses, sunglasses or blue light filtering glasses, we have your covered!

If you're interested in maximizing the investment in your vision with custom-crafted eyeglasses that are personalized to you prescription, lifestyle, and budget needs, then come see us at Eye-deology Vision Care.

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Your prescription heavily influences the lens design, type and index that you require to see your best. In turn, these parameters can help determine the frame options best suited to accommodate them. Likewise, your lifestyle and how you use your eyes most can influence which frame offers the greatest benefits in terms of frame type, ruggedness, dimensions, weight, flexibility, and material type.

Nevertheless, a large number opticals and eyeglass centres still implement a one-size-fits-all approach to dispensing prescription eyewear. At Eye-deology Vision Care we believe this approach is a disservice to patients. Accordingly, our optometrists and opticians take the time and effort to better know you, your needs, your lifestyle, and your budget so that together we can personalize prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, and safety glasses uniquely for you.

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Mens Prescription Sunglasses in Edmonton

A major misconception is that eye care and eyewear are distinctly separate services. Our optometrists, licensed opticians and labs work together, like architects and builders, to ensure that you receive the highest quality prescription eyewear that addresses your unique medical, vision, lifestyle, and budget needs. Understanding your needs, presenting eyewear options that address them, and a commitment to exceptional craftsmanship is how we tailor eyewear specifically to you, enabling you to see your very best.

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Crafting Prescription Sunglasses
Eye-deology Vision Care Custom Prescription Sunglasses in Edmonton

The Alberta Child Health Benefit, Alberta Adult Health Benefit, and Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) provide financial supports to eligible applicants. In addition, children in kindergarten are eligible for a free pair of eyeglasses through Alberta's Eye See...Eye Learn Program.

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Womens Prescription Sunglasses

Alfred Sung Glasses
Coach Glasses
Dilem Frames with Interchangeable Temples
Dutz Eyewear
Etnia Barcelona Glasses and Sunglasses
Evatik Glasses
eyesafe Safety Glasses
Flexon Glasses Frames
Fossil Glasses
FYSH Eyewear
Hackett Eyewear
Izumi Eyewear
Jimmy Choo Glasses
Kate Spade New York Glasses
KLiiK Glasses
Lightec eyewear
Marc Jacobs Glasses
Maui Jim Eyewear Glasses and Sunglasses
Nautica Eyewear
Oakley Glasses and Sunglasses
OGI Eyewear
Oliver Peoples Glasses
Polaroid Eyewear
Prada Glasses
Prodesign Eyewear
Ray-Ban Sunglasses
Skaga Eyewear
Stepper Eyglass Frames
Titanflex Eyeglass Frames
Tom Ford Eyewear
Vinyl Factory Eyeglass Frames
Willow Mae Eyeglass Frames

Hoya Prescription Eyeglass Lenses
Zeiss Prescription Eyeglass Lenses
Essilor Prescription Eyeglass Lenses
Maui Jim Prescription Eyeglass Lenses
Eye-deology Vision Care Offers One Of The Best Eye Exams in Edmonton

Searching for an optometrist in Edmonton? Our experienced Edmonton eye doctors use advanced modern technologies and devote upwards of 500% more time towards providing personalized patient care than elsewhere so that they can see more and ensure that you may never see less. Position yourself to see the future with a visit to our eye clinic and Edmonton's best eye care!

Doctor Jennifer Ash, Eye Doctor (Edmonton)

Dr. Jennifer Ash is the Resident Optometrist at Eye-deology Vision Care. Dr. Ash provides patient care 5 days a week. Read more about Dr. Ash.

Doctor Ruhee Kurji, Eye Doctor (Edmonton)

Dr. Ruhee Kurji is an Associate Optometrist at Eye-deology Vision Care. Dr. Kurji provides patient care Tuesdays & Fridays. Read more about Dr. Kurji.

Doctor Jade McLachlin, Eye Doctor (Edmonton)

Dr. Jade McLachlin is an Associate Optometrist at Eye-deology Vision Care. Dr. McLachlin provides patient care 5 days a week. Read more about Dr. McLachlin.

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